Ma Wan Chung Pier is located in Ma Wan Chung Village on Lantau Island in Islands District and west of Tung Chung. Ma Wan Chung Pier was built a long time ago and it is hard to find out who the builder was. At present, the nearby villagers and fishermen mainly use the pier to load or upload their catch. They also moor their fishing boat alongside the pier. 

Current View of Piers

We need to enhance the structural safety and landing facilities of Ma Wan Chung Pier, and avoid impact on the ecological environment. The consultation to relevant stakeholders is being conducted. In response to the opinions obtained regarding the improvement works of Ma Wan Chung Pier, local needs and environmental impact, we would develop the most appropriate preliminary design.

Location of Piers

Yung Shue Wan Ferry Pier

Shek Tsai Wan Pier

Yi O Pier